Old West Meets New West

“Ghost Deer” Elk, Rocky Mountain National Park

Kevin Wolf appreciates 1950’s Western movies, fly-fishing, old Winchesters and living in Colorado. His stories do not have deep inner meaning.  His stories include:

The Homeplace

Disgraced NBA player, CHASE FORD hasn’t been home in sixteen years. Not even for his father’s funeral. On his first day back, the body of the farm town’s high school basketball star is found on prairie. The boy is stark naked and surrounded by four dead buffalo.

Chase’s high school rival is the county sheriff and the man is more concerned with re-election than justice. Add in a prairie fire, the worst drought since dust bowl days and the girl Chase loved in high school is back in town.

Maybe, Chase chose the wrong time to come home.


Do werewolves stalk the saloons and brothels of Broke Heart, Colorado?  To find the answer, a man faces gunslingers, wildfires and cave-ins.  But in this paranormal twist on the Western genre, his own greed is his biggest obstacle.

Without a cent in his pocket, drifter, gambler and disgraced newspaper reporter KEPLER settles for a job digging a grave.  It’s July 1879 and his first day in Broke Heart.  As he leaves the graveyard to collect his pay, a wolf howls on the hillside.

Read the Opening scene of BROKE HEART by Kevin Wolf.

A Town Called Vengeance

“Prairie Sentinel” Pronghorn Antelope, Red Desert, Wyoming

Long before white men came to the desert, Apache warriors followed a hidden trail from the high mountains to take their revenge on an enemy tribe that had killed their women and children.  Legends say the pathway will remain a secret until the Apaches need to return to the valley to battle new enemies.  When that time comes, they will be led by warriors changed by the spirits into animals.

In time, a new people moved into the valley of the massacre.  The white men built a settlement there.  They called the town Vengeance. Tales of a wolf that leads an Apache war party bring KEPLER, a gambler, wanderer and sometimes newspaper reporter, to the Arizona Territory.


All sixteen year-old TYLER ever wanted was to be a cowhand.  VIRGIL HUTT, The Bootheel’s owner, brought the orphan boy to the ranch and raised him like a son.  Then Hutt sent for the outlaw CASE SPENCER, a grim-faced gunman like the men in Tyler’s dime novels.The father who Spencer never knew was Hutt’s best friend and partner.  Rumors claim he was killed by DALTON FOX somewhere in Mexico’s Valley of Visions.  The only clue is a hand-drawn map and a rusty Colt pistol.More than finding out what happened, Hutt knows it’s time for Tyler to learn things he won’t have time to teach him.  The old man is dying and he wants Tyler to take over The Bootheel when he’s gone.


“Crystal Guardians” Brook Trout, Big Thompson River

Grieving after his wife’s death, GUY HOGAN retreats to what was to be their dream home in the Colorado Mountains.  His refuge becomes the beauty around him and each day he hopes the next cast of his flyrod will chase away his loneliness.  Then he finds a woman’s body in his favorite trout stream.

(Photos by Kevin Wolf)

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